Benefits & Attractions of Working at a Regional Accounting Firm

Published on January 27, 2021
Written by Colm Reddy

If you have ever considered moving to regional Victoria as an Accountant, there has never been a better time to do it.

Many people have reassessed the expensive mortgages and rental properties in central Melbourne as well as the work/life balance benefits that regional-living provides. As this exodus gains momentum, the demand for housing and regional resources will also rise, so beat the crowd and assess what is really important to you. A move to a regional firm could be more beneficial for your career and life than you may think.

Some of the attractions of working regionally as an Accountant include:

1. There are some great Accounting firms in regional Victoria! This is true whether I am referring to profitability, complexity of the work, progression opportunities, experience of the Partners and leadership group, progressive and modern approach to accounting, development opportunities, direct client contact, or an enjoyable office culture. They often come with less internal politics too. You can work for an impressive firm without the hustle-bustle hassle.

2. Close client relationships. Every regional firm I have engaged with has very close relationships with their clients. You can truly act as a trusted advisor to your portfolio and improve their lives.

3. Commute and traffic. Who enjoys a long commute? The average regional commute and traffic is incomparable to urban Melbourne. Claim back 1-2 hours of your life everyday!

4. Bang for your buck. Live in a better home for the same cost.

5. Your external ideas are valued. Regional firms often know their local Accounting market very well and can struggle to find new top talent without headhunting from a friend. This can make them even more interested in your external ideas and experience.

6. This is tried and tested. You would not be the first person to move to a regional firm. There are countless people who have already made the move, at every level, and been successful with it. If you do too, there is a good chance one of your Partners will be one of these people.

7. More time with your family. The options are endless! You could go home for lunch, leave for work later and arrive home earlier with the same professional productivity.

8. Quality vs stress. Do the same quality of work as many urban firms but often in a less stressful environment.

9. The air is cleaner. Trade fumes for flowers and enjoy the big outdoors.

10. Long-term impact on life. Career development to Partner and other financial progression opportunities are available, all whilst reducing your cost of living. This could lead to a more enjoyable life and easier retirement.

For some people, this is a really big decision and there may be many steps involved, but it starts with a conversation. If you are interested in exploring your options and finding out about fantastic regional firms you may not be aware of, please contact us on 03 9946 7300 or

Published on January 27, 2021
Written by Colm Reddy

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