4 Things Accounting Job Seekers Should Consider

Published on November 23, 2021
Written by Savanthi Jayawickrema

It will come as no surprise that the Accounting job market is evolving at a rapid pace right now but one constant is the shortage of skilled Accountants. Lack of arrival of skilled Accountants from overseas has created a vacuum as well as many professionals ‘sticking out’ their jobs, even if unhappy, due to the need for security. 

As a Business Services recruitment professional, my daily conversations are about creating win-win situations for candidates and clients, and I understand that finding a new role is a life changing decision that will impact your quality of life. My recommendation? Take advantage of the present Accounting employment market.

There are multiple opportunities available in public practice at all levels and, as there is greater demand than supply at present (which will continue into the immediate future), candidates are in a strong position.

In this article we consider 4 key aspects that will help you in navigating this complex and interesting accounting employment market.

1. As a candidate, you have a bigger and better chance of finding a great role right now.

What that translates into is:

  • It is the right time
    It is the right time to explore and look for an opportunity that caters to your own needs. Don’t postpone or contemplate a new role without taking action.
  • You have options
    Yes, believe it or not there are options in public practice. There are firms that offer many things including interesting/challenging work, flexibility, great culture, and on top of all, very attractive salary packages.

There are two favourable things that have come out of the pandemic. 

  • Firms have started offering pay hikes (over and above market rates) and promotions in order to both retain and attract new talent
  • Flexibility has become a norm – just not in words – by giving employees the ‘hybrid model’ where they can work from home and office. Some of the firms offer their employees to decide on working hours.

2. Get comfortable with uncertainty

We crave certainty while the only certain thing that is around us is ‘uncertainty’. It is not a new phenomenon. If you feel ‘uncertain’, here are a few things that will help to increase your level of comfort in view of ‘uncertainty’;

  • In this new ‘Covid-normal’ reality, ask yourself a very simple question; how do I want to live my life? How do I navigate myself and get the best of the current environment?
  • What is it that is important to me right now and for the next couple of years? Is it stepping up in my career? Is it work/life balance? Is it remuneration? Is it doing something challenging? Is it doing something I enjoy? Is it doing something that will benefit my long-term career? Or perhaps some, most or all of it.

Asking yourself these questions will allow you to think beyond the pandemic.

3. Speak to an expert

Speaking to a recruitment expert is an important part of the job search, especially in the current context.   

An expert recruitment consultant is there to hold your hand and support you through the entire process of a job search. They are your best source of information, a mentor and advisor. So seek advice from the right people.

Your recruitment consultant will have a very good understanding of the firms and roles that align with your requirements. They are able to give you the best advice, and guide you and give you clarity. Mostly, they have your best interest in mind.

If you are in doubt, it is prudent to first consult a specialist. Be open about your thoughts, your ambitions, needs and worries before putting yourself out there in the market. This will allow you to navigate yourself without becoming overwhelmed with information and options.

4. Reassess your situation based on a long term plan

This is the perfect time for you to give thought to what you want to do in life from a broader perspective. You have options in terms of roles and firms irrespective of your reasons to find new employment. Many employers are evolving in this environment. The changes that have come about as a result have been beneficial for employees. They include work from home/ hybrid work arrangements, greater flexibility whether it may be times or days of work, and opportunities to do interesting and challenging work. 

It is good to give some serious thought to your current situation and how you want your life to look in the next couple of years. Ask yourself questions such as what do I want to learn? Do I want more complex work, customer interactions, advisory work or mentoring/training?

Finally acknowledge awkward moments, we are all human and we are likely to have some challenges on this path to success. Most importantly, celebrate the fact that there are many opportunities in public practice that are waiting to be explored and NOW is the time to do so.

To discuss any of this information further and for help navigating your job search, please contact us today on 03 9946 7300 or support@lawsondelaney.com.au.



Savanthi Jayawickrema is a specialist Business Services recruiter who has worked with big international brands as well as boutiques. Emulating the Professional Services team’s ethos, Savanthi is motivated to fulfil organisational HR requirements efficiently and effectively with a solution-driven approach that adds value to firms, both in the short and long run. Learn more about Savanthi by clicking here.

Published on November 23, 2021
Written by Savanthi Jayawickrema

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4 Things Accounting Job Seekers Should Consider

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