Tips for Returning to the Workforce After Time Off

Published on February 23, 2021
Written by Lee Eggleston

Tips for Returning to the Workforce After Time Off

Applying for jobs and returning to work after time off is never an easy task and something that unfortunately many people are experiencing due to the impact of coronavirus on the employment market.

You may feel anxious about the whole process of getting back into the workplace so here are a few points to improve your chances of winning your new job opportunity:

Be clear on what you want
People understandably sometimes jump at the first job they are offered but it is best to be sure that you know exactly what you want. If an interviewer senses doubt then they will think you will only want the job, for ‘job’s sake’. Additionally, you do not want to be job hopping every few months because you are not comfortable with the one you have landed.

Network, network, network!
I am a huge advocate of networking in a professional or personal setting. You never know who you will meet at a friend’s engagement party who may know of a role that you may be perfect for. Although this is harder with current restrictions, there are plenty of online professional peer groups that may open doors for you.

Be honest about career gaps on your CV
Whatever the situation, please be honest about timeframes on a CV. Reasons for leaving and employment dates will inevitably come to light during reference checks. As long as you can explain gaps in your history at an interview, there is nothing to worry about. You could adapt your answers to why your career break will assist you in the role you are applying for and anticipate any concerns they may have.

Do research in your extra time
I recently helped a candidate into a role after two years overseas. Technically rusty? Yes. Desire to do extra reading and get up to speed with tax laws/legislations? Yes. Subsequently the firm looked at the bigger picture and bought into the candidate’s ‘potential value’. It is not rocket science but willingness to put the extra effort in is half the battle.

To summarise, taking a career break is more common than you think and there should be no negative stigma attached to it. Be yourself and be confident! Contact us on 03 9946 7300 or


Published on February 23, 2021
Written by Lee Eggleston

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