What to expect in 2021

Published on February 2, 2021
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It’s hard to believe we are already in February. Time stops for no one and here’s what we believe we can expect from 2021.

A huge emphasis on wellbeing – It might sound like the same rhetoric but mental, physical and even spiritual health is so important in a world that is full of distractions and demands. It is worth noting that a lot of our clients in the accounting profession provided exemplary care to their staff members who were working from home, and even struggling. Lawson Delaney works with one Partner who caught up with colleagues within the 5km radius, and at a COVID-safe distance, for walking meetings to ensure they were offering support. The same Partner would also make calls, video chats and send care packages to staff outside the 5km as well. The latter was not uncommon amongst other clients and firms so let’s continue those initiatives into the future.

Blurred lines – This is not a Robin Thicke and Pharrell song but more an acknowledgement that personal and professional boundaries will continue to be intertwined – quite literally if you still work at home – and there will be times this year when we will all feel like we are doing the hokey cokey… we won’t be sure if we are in or out of the office.

Being set up for flexibility is important, not just in terms of work station set ups at home or at the office but also in our mindset and the way that we approach getting back into an office environment. This long term approach will set us up for the most success in 2021.

Responsibility/Conscientiousness – 2021 is a year of recovery and growth so it is important to be mindful of those around us and continue to think about more than just ourselves, whilst looking after ourselves too. Meetings, client visits, and even socialising, will be taking place more in person which may result in an adjustment period for many. Despite the excitement of face to face interactions, COVID-safe plans will still be front and centre for accounting firms and creating and abiding by them will in turn lead to a more successful 2021.

Service Updates – The solid boutique firms and the ones who have embraced technology will continue to benefit. We envision that firms that can provide more advisory and consulting work will benefit as the special projects and corporate advisory type work returns. Get on board and reap the rewards of a more varied portfolio.

Movement – During 2020 we saw several of our clients grow and evolve. One of our clients ran an amazing digital marketing campaign which resulted in an increase of fees by almost 500K and they have on-boarded two staff as a result. There was a lot of change in employment and we were grateful to be in a position to help our clients flourish during an ‘unprecedented time?. We expect more movement in 2021 as mid-tiers and Big 4’s who made big cuts look to replenish head count, however, it is worth questioning whether some of the larger firms will still have the same draw they once had due to the nature in which they culled staff. Having said this, not all large firms did this and some acknowledged and promoted staff during 2020, and there are still amazing opportunities to gain from larger firms.

There are so many variables as to why people want to move jobs that cannot all be summarised here, however, we do anticipate more in 2021. As we head back into an office space and our pre-COVID lifestyles, let’s all participate in a bit of movement – not purely focused on moving jobs, but also moving to stay active, keep mental and physically well, and to ensure we can all recover together through this year and beyond.

Speak with us today about setting yourself up for a successful 2021.

For a conversation about your options and opportunities available to you, contact us on 03 9946 7300 or support@lawsondelaney.com.au.


Published on February 2, 2021
Written by

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